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About Us​

DigiSource is a specialized headhunting agency dedicated to the IT and Marketing sectors in Asia and Vietnam. Our primary focus is on recruiting specialist positions and above, aiming to identify the highest quality candidates for businesses.

Our team at DigiSource is composed of experienced professionals who undergo weekly training to enhance their expertise, ensuring optimal service for our clients.

Beyond merely filling positions, we actively guide candidates in selecting the most fitting career paths. We connect job seekers with employers, striving to create a symbiotic relationship that establishes us as the safest and most reliable companion for both parties.

Our Mission

At DigiSource, we are driven by a set of core missions that define our commitment to the recruitment landscape:

CONNECTING EXCEPTIONAL TALENTS WITH OPPORTUNITIES: Bridging the gap between outstanding professionals and businesses in the IT and Marketing sectors, creating mutually beneficial connections.


ELEVATING RECRUITMENT STANDARDS: Setting new benchmarks in recruitment by focusing on specialist positions and above, ensuring businesses access the highest quality candidates for their specific needs.


CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Committed to the ongoing training and development of our team, fostering a culture of continuous improvement to provide top-notch service to our clients.


GUIDING CAREER PATHS: Beyond recruitment, actively advising and guiding candidates, helping them navigate and choose the most suitable career paths.


HARMONIOUS VALUES FOR ALL: Striving to create harmonious values for both job seekers and businesses, positioning DigiSource as the safest and most reliable companion in the recruitment journey.


INNOVATIVE EVENT COMMUNICATION: Leveraging community channels to innovate event communication, promoting recruitment-related activities like webinars and training courses.


ESTABLISHING TRUST IN THE INDUSTRY: Dedicated to building trust within the industry by providing secure, reliable, and quality-driven services, becoming the go-to partner for recruitment solutions.


EXPANSION AND REGIONAL IMPACT: Focused on the Asian market, our mission includes expanding our reach to become a regional leader, impacting businesses and professionals across diverse industries.


COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR STARTUPS: Providing cost-effective solutions for startups, enabling them to build departments and recruit effectively, even with limited budgets.


ENHANCING PERSONAL INFORMATION SECURITY: Committed to enhancing personal information security in the recruitment process, ensuring the confidentiality and trust of both candidates and businesses.

Our Core Values


We uphold the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in every aspect of our operations. Integrity is the cornerstone of our relationships with clients, candidates, and within our team.

Innovation & Expertise Integration

We pioneer creative solutions in recruitment, driving continuous innovation and expertise development through weekly training and knowledge-sharing. This ensures our team stays at the forefront of industry trends and delivers cutting-edge solutions.

Safety & Trustworthiness

We cultivate a safe and trustworthy environment for both internal employees and external stakeholders. We prioritize fairness, implement transparent policies, and uphold principles that foster mutual trust, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels secure and valued.