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  • CyberSoft Academy

    Giảng viên Game Developer (2D)

  • CyberSoft Academy

    Giảng viên Tester (Manual + Automation Testing)

  • CyberSoft Academy

    Giảng viên GoLang

  • Cybersoft Academy

    Giảng viên Business Analyst (BA)


    Digital Senior – Bangkok

  • Công ty TNHH Danazon (Stronger Team)

    HR nội bộ (ngành E-commerce) – Đà Nẵng

  • Công ty TNHH Danazon (Stronger Team)

    Tiktok Ads – Đà Nẵng

  • Công ty TNHH Danazon (Stronger Team)

    Leader Sales Marketing – Đà Nẵng

  • Công ty TNHH Danazon (Stronger Team)

    Amazone Ads (Senior) – Đà Nẵng

  • Công ty TNHH Danazon (Stronger Team)

    Quản trị & SEO Website (Senior) – Đà Nẵng

  • Công ty TNHH Danazon (Stronger Team)

    Google Ads – Đà Nẵng

  • Công ty TNHH Danazon (Stronger Team)

    POD/ Handmade Seller (Senior) – Đà Nẵng

  • OneAds Digital

    Marketing Intern – TP. Hồ Chí Minh

  • OneAds Digital

    Digital Marketing – TP. Hồ Chí Minh

  • OneAds Digital

    Content Marketing – TP. Hồ Chí Minh

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DigiSource is a headhunting agency specializing in the IT and Marketing domains across Vietnamese and Asian markets. We focus on recruiting specialist positions and above, with a significant emphasis on candidates in the senior group. Backed by an elite team of headhunters with more than 10 years of experience, DigiSource is dedicated to offering insightful career guidance, ensuring candidates and employers find the most fitting match for their needs.

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"DigiSource has exceeded our expectations, providing unwavering support through complimentary job postings to demonstrate the compatibility of their talent pool with our gaming industry. With reasonable fees and an enthusiastic headhunt team, they consistently listen and adapt to our specific requirements. We've successfully recruited several exceptional employees through DigiSource who seamlessly contribute to our team."
XCrew Studio
"DigiSource offers competitively priced services, a welcome departure from our previous experiences with other providers. Their proactive and supportive approach, coupled with swift updates on recruitment changes, sets them apart in the industry."
"DigiSource stands out with its unique and meticulous working process, consistently demonstrating careful attention to our recruitment needs. The team's impressive dedication, friendliness, and knack for presenting quality candidates make DigiSource an invaluable partner for BlueCyber LLC."
BlueCyber LLC

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