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Enable freelance headhunters to refer candidates and earn money online. 

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Join DigiSource's 40,000+ member community across platforms like Zalo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Telegram for free.

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DigiSource handles with customers, allowing you to focus 100% on your expertise in headhunting.

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Experience transparent and timely payments, ensuring peace of mind for your successful placements.

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Get one month of free access to DigiSource's Auto Connect LinkedIn Tool, facilitating rapid network expansion.

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  • Công ty Cổ Phần Trực Tuyến GOSU

    Nhân viên Content Marketing

  • Công ty Cổ Phần Trực Tuyến GOSU

    NET Developer (Backend/Frontend)

  • Công ty Cổ Phần Trực Tuyến GOSU

    Vận Hành Game

  • Hotel Link

    Junior Support Agent – Ho Chi Minh

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! If you find a job that aligns with your qualifications, you can refer yourself. DigiSource will apply a 50% charge for utilizing our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

You can find candidates through DigiSource’s community system, including platforms such as Zalo, Facebook, Telegram, and LinkedIn groups. These groups collectively host 40,000 members and cover a wide array of topics.

You can watch instructional videos on using the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), recruitment tips, candidate sourcing, job description analysis, and candidate screening on Talent Hunter’s YouTube, fanpage, and LinkedIn.

If many people refer the same candidate at a time, we will consider the first person who made the referral as the valid referrer. Please ensure that your candidate has not already been referred by someone else to save time for both parties.

When you successfully refer a candidate (i.e., the candidate accepts a position with the company), you become eligible for referral bonuses corresponding to specific warranty periods. DigiSource implements a warranty package of either 60 or 90 days, depending on the case, as clearly outlined in the job description. The countdown begins from the candidate’s first day of employment with the customer. During this period, you will receive bonuses at different stages:

  1. 15% of the first referral bonus will be disbursed upon the candidate completing the initial 15 working days.
  2. 30% of the second referral bonus will be paid when the candidate completes the first 45 working days.
  3. The remaining 55% of the referral bonus will be paid after the company officially signs a contract with the candidate.



  • There is no restriction on the number of jobs to which you can refer your candidates.
  • It is agreed and acknowledged that if the customer has not remitted payment to DigiSource, the 100% referral bonus will not be disbursed to you until payment is received from the customer.
  • If the customer offers the candidate a position that is not listed on DigiSource’s system, the bonus you will receive is 30% of the candidate’s offered salary (NET or Gross).

Headhunting commission is the reward you receive for introducing a candidate as a headhunter. This involves completing the application form on DigiSource’s ATS system and actively managing, supporting, and overseeing the candidate throughout the entire recruitment process, from application to the completion of the probationary period.

Referral bonus is the reward you receive for introducing a candidate as a referrer. This includes completing the application form on DigiSource’s ATS system and having the candidate confirm their application for the open position. Subsequent steps in the process are handled by DigiSource’s team of headhunters.