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Elevate Your Workforce With Application Service

Introduce Application Service

DigiSource’s Application Service presents a innovative recruitment solution tailored to assist businesses in securing top-tier talent, particularly in the current challenging economic landscape.

By providing a list of potential candidates that have been carefully screened and selected, our Application Service not only saves businesses time and resources but also alleviates the pressure associated with talent acquisition, translating into significant cost savings.

By streamlining the recruitment process, businesses can refocus on core activities, optimize opportunities, and strategically recruit exceptional candidates to foster business growth.

Why Use Application Service

Leveraging DigiSource’s Application service package in the current context proves invaluable for businesses navigating challenges encountered with traditional job listing services. In a competitive and demanding recruitment market, relying solely on job listings presents several difficulties:

Unreliable CVs

In the present landscape, numerous candidates intentionally manipulate information in their CVs to align with the job description (JD) and pass initial qualification rounds. This compromises the evaluation and selection process, potentially resulting in the recruitment of unsuitable candidates.

Quantity Over Quality

Job listing platforms often attract a considerable number of registered candidates, resulting in an influx of CVs for businesses. However, the majority may not meet the job requirements, necessitating extensive time for CV screening and evaluation.

DigiSource’s Application Service suite adeptly tackles these challenges. We provide guidance and assistance to businesses in crafting compelling, transparent, and detailed JDs. Additionally, we ensure that candidates receive advice and genuinely express interest in both the company and the job. This streamlined approach enables businesses to save time and resources in identifying and selecting candidates that genuinely align with their recruitment needs.

What's Inside Application Service

Crafting Comprehensive JDs: We assist in developing thorough and effective JDs to attract the right candidates for your unique recruitment needs.

Consultations For Candidates: Candidates presented through this service engage in consultations with DigiSource’s Headhunters to discuss your company and job specifics, ensuring they are well-informed and aligned with your organizational goals.

Application Assurance In 03 Days: Our flexible approach allows adjustments to maintain the specified quantity, ensuring you always have access to a promising pool of candidates.

For instance, if DigiSource sends 5 applications on October 1, and only 3 are available for work on October 3, an additional 2 applications will be sent within the next 3 days, maintaining the total count as 5 applications.

Detailed Application Form Fields

  • Name
  • Year of Birth
  • Job
  • Expected Salary
  • Possible Start Date
  • Work Summary
  • Candidate Highlights
  • English Level
  • Career Development Orientation
  • DigiSource’s Candidate Assessment


Bi-Monthly Application Check and Payment: DigiSource conducts a thorough check on applications sent twice a month, on the 15th and 30th. Enterprises are required to make payments within 5 days of reconciliation.


Who Should Use Application Service

1. Budget-Conscious SMEs and Startups: Targeting SMEs and startups with limited headhunting budgets seeking cost-effective solutions.

2. Internal HR Departments Needing Support: Businesses with internal HR departments lacking expertise in recruiting or building Employer Branding to effectively advise and attract candidates.

3. Non-Specialized Groups Venturing into IT & Marketing: Organizations not specialized in IT & Marketing but aiming to establish related departments or positions.

4. Unsatisfied Users of CV Packages on Other Platforms: Targeting businesses dissatisfied with the results of CV packages on other platforms, offering an alternative with proven efficacy.

5. Efficiency-Driven Businesses with Numerous Vacancies: Companies with a high volume of vacancies looking to optimize time and budget in their recruitment processes.

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